AR 创业公司 DreamWorld 向法院提交驳回 Meta 对其所有指控


据 Techcruch、 BUSINESS WIRE 等美国媒体报道,AR 科技公司 Meta 向位于加利福尼亚北部地区的联邦法院提起诉讼,控告前员工 Zhangyi Zhong (钟张翼)和其创办公司 DreamWorld 研究的产品 Dream Glass 盗用 Meta 受《保护商业秘密法》和《加州保护商业秘密法》保护的商业机密和机密信息,以及违反合同等。



Dream Glass效果图



声明里反复提及的前员工,正是 DreamWorld 创始人钟张翼。钟张翼毕业于浙江大学光学专业,后赴美攻读视觉方向博士。而其另外一个身份是 Meta 光学部门前负责人。




Dreamworld 已经通过美国著名律师事务所 LeClairRyan 的两名合伙人向法院提交了驳回诉讼的请求,法院目前已经受理。




“遗憾的是,Meta 选择对我和 Dreamworld 提起诉讼,基于一些莫须有的理由寻求索赔,其中包括:盗取商业秘密,违约和其他诉讼理由。这些索赔在很大程度上是基于暗示,猜测和不正确的假设。我们将会全力捍卫自己的权益,针对这些毫无根据的指控为自己正名,并且已经要求法院驳回诉讼。


我们正在设计一种独特的增强现实设备,它所利用的技术与 Meta 所使用的并不相同,并且针对于不同的市场。如 Meta 的网站所述,Meta 的设备适用于基于 PC 工作场景的应用。尽管它比 Hololens 要便宜,但仍然远远超出普通消费者的消费能力。我们已经开发出了完全不同概念的产品 DreamGlass ,一种价格更加低廉,并更加容易获取的AR设备。这个设备让普通消费者可以随时使用移动和娱乐应用程序,无论你‘在路上’还是‘在家中’。为了实现这一目标,我们组建了一个新的团队,包括视觉、设计和编程专家,从头开始独立开发了这一全新设备。正是心中秉持着‘打造成买得起的、可移动的并且技术领先的产品’的决心,我们不断研究,开发和改进 DreamGlass。我们对未来的发展感到非常兴奋,并希望能够在不久的将来向消费者提供 DreamGlass, 如果能够获得足够的资金和行业的支持。”




“It is unfortunate that Meta has elected to bring a lawsuit against me and Dreamworld based on unfounded claims of trade secret misappropriation, breach of contract, and other legal causes of action.  The claims are in large measure based on innuendo, conjecture, and incorrect assumptions.  We intend to vigorously defend ourselves and clear our names against these baseless claims, and have already asked the court to dismiss the complaint. 


We are designing a unique augmented reality device that will utilize different technologies than those used by Meta and is directed to a different market than what Meta is targeting.  As stated on Meta’s website, Meta’s device is meant for PC-based workplace applications and, although it is less expensive than the Hololens, it is still well out of reach of the ordinary consumer.  We at Dreamworld have developed our product, called DreamGlass, based on a wholly different concept—to build a low-priced AR device that is accessible to average consumers for mobile and entertainment applications that can be used “on the go” or “in the home.”  To accomplish this, we have assembled a group of vision, design, and programming experts who have been independently developing a brand new device from the ground-up.  We are constantly researching, developing, and modifying DreamGlass, keeping our ultimate goals of affordability, mobility, and leading-edge technology  in mind.  We are very excited by what’s to come, and hope to bring it to consumers in the near future with the right funding and community support.”